5 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2021

The Medical Device market alone is expected to reach $208 billion by 2023 and many companies are competing to dominate this lucrative market. Successful marketing relies on planning and strategizing and getting ahead of the healthcare marketing trends in 2021 can help increase your market share.

Marketing will increasingly take a consumer-first approach. Businesses now recognize that by meeting consumer demand, they foster loyalty and encourage engagement, which ultimately boosts the bottom line.

  1. Voice Search is Gaining Ground

Improvements in artificial intelligence and modern voice recognition technology (Alexa, Google, Siri, etc) are reinvigorating voice search marketing. Instead of typing queries into search engines like Bing and Google, consumers are making requests verbally. Traditional Search Engine Optimizations is geared towards writing.

Modern SEO must be geared toward talking. Voice queries are lengthier and more conversational. Instead of typing in “new medical device 2021” one may ask, “ What new medical devices are coming onto the market in 2021.

  1. Retention Marketing is the New Priority

Retention Marketing is expected to be one of the dominant marketing trends for all industries in 2021. This strategy focuses on fostering loyalty among existing customers instead of attracting new customers. This allows for continual sales at a lower cost per sale since you don’t have to invest in lead generation.

Retention Marketing techniques like cross-selling and upselling are critical to success. If you have a customer that’s currently only buying one product from your company, look at ways to maximize that profit. You can also nurture your customer relationships and boost engagement through non-sales activities. Providing educational opportunities like webinars is a great way to give your clients added value that keeps them coming back.

  1. Content is King

Content will remain a critical cornerstone of successful healthcare marketing strategies for 2021. Content Marketing can include everything from blogs to thought-leader articles in healthcare publications, social media, activity, and more. The Key to success is consistency.

You have to publish regularly, creating value-added content rooted in keyword research that reflects your target audience’s needs. A mix of long and short-form content is ideal, allowing you to cater to different media platforms. To take your content to the next level in 2021, make it interactive. Interactive content captures the user’s attention span for longer. Videos and infographics are all great ways to engage users actively.

4)  The Chatbots are set to take over

Al technology has improved the functionality of Chatbots immensely. In the past, this tech could little more thane give a standard greeting and then direct the user to an alternative resource (like a customer service email) for real help. Today’s Chatbots are fast, responsive, and intelligent. The technology is so advanced that it’s been used to conduct COVID-19 risk assessments in 2020, alleviating the burden on overworked healthcare professionals. Incorporate Chatbots into your website to provide your clients with an improved online experience. A Chatbot offers immediate assistance, decreasing wait times, and increasing customer satisfaction.

5)  Nostalgia Marketing has customers looking back.

Up to this point, this list has been all about modern approaches, with a heavy emphasis on tech. Consumers don’t just want what’s shiny and new, however. Nostalgia Marketing is a significant trend to watch out for in 2021. This emphasizes human connectivity and authenticity.

To make the most out of the nostalgic mood, capitalize on the moment’s cultural trends-or consider reintroducing a discontinued product or service. If you previously held informational podcasts about your product line, for example, consider bringing this back.