Building a Positive Corporate Culture

According to a recent survey in Q3 2020, the # 1 quality Sales employees are looking for in an employer is a Positive Corporate Culture.

Honest and trustworthy leaders are a must in a positive corporate culture. 53% of respondents said trustworthiness is one of the most important characteristics a leader can have. Employees don’t want things sugarcoated. They want leaders who are straightforward and passionate about the company.

Supportive teammates are essential to a positive corporate culture. 62% of respondents said being supportive was the most important trait team member can have. Sales professionals don’t want to be a part of a company that pits team members against each other. They want collaboration and support from team members. And as with leadership, honesty is also essential.

Work-life balance (83%) is the most common value associated with a positive corporate culture. Respondents want to work for an employer that recognizes they are more than just a worker. And reinforcing the desire for a collaborative sales environment, 60% of respondents said a focus on team building and collaboration is one of the most important values an employer can have.

When it comes to employee recognition, compensation is most important (80%), but respondents also want to know their employer is committed to promoting from within (59%). Mentorship is appreciated (43%), while paid training (16%) and tuition reimbursement (2%) are less important.