Important Qualities in an Employer

To combat the pandemic, leaders had to be strong and support their employees. Pay was on par with being one of the most important considerations – followed very closely by culture. This could indicate that times were tough for employers during this period when they needed everyones’ help just making it through each day, yet those who supported sales reps best were able to rise above all others in terms of success!

Women value leadership and culture at a slightly higher rate than men, but it was their consideration for culture, leadership, and flexible working hours that set them apart. Women are looking to spend less time in the office, with remote options being top-rated among females!

For men, the most important consideration was innovation and a strong product pipeline. This is followed by pay, leadership opportunities for advancement in one’s career, and issues like leadership development or culture that can make or break workplace happiness.

For all the attention given to remote options over the past 18 months, this was by far their lowest-rated variable. Only 63% of respondents ranked it as important or very important, while 74% valued flexible working hours in medical sales reps positions.

Still a hot button area of focus, diversity is important or very important to 69% of survey respondents. There was a significant disparity in how many rated DEIB as important among those identifying as “other,” which includes Asian-Americans and Blacks/African Americans and Hispanics (84%) and those identifying as White/Non-Hispanic (67%).

Gen X responded that they valued leadership, innovation, and culture more highly than millennials or baby boomers. Benefits and DEIB were more important considerations for the oldest group than for younger generations.

Conducted in September 2021, research included over 2,300 votes from medical sales professionals. Respondents were asked to identify their top three most desirable medical sales companies, segmented by large (more than 1,000+ employees) and small (less than 1,000 employees) companies. Respondents were also asked to rate the importance of 10 attributes (i.e. pay, benefits, etc.) when thinking of top employers. This report provides insights into what life sciences professionals value in an employer and which employers they perceive as the best. It includes an analysis of regional, gender, generational, and ethnicity differences.

(Source: MedReps)