The Sales X-Factor: DRIVE

As the economy continues to stumble in Q4, hiring managers throughout the U.S. are desperately trying to fill sales openings. Faced with stiff competition from a small pool of applicants, one might be tempted to compromise on the quality of new hires. It’s easy to rationalize: Thanks to the Pandemic, the nature of sales has changed, the role is less forward-facing than it used to be, and anyone can give a virtual presentation.

Good communication skills are all a salesperson really needs – NOT SO FAST – By extending a job offer to a so-so candidate, understand that filling a position with any qualified, warm body, simply to plug a hole, is a recipe for disaster. When you lower your expectations about a sales role, you inevitably compromise results. What made a great salesperson pre-COVID is still what makes a great salesperson and that X-Factor is DRIVE. Because the nature of sales is changing so rapidly, it’s more important than ever to be selective and hire a DRIVEN achiever.

DRIVE is comprised of three (3) non-teachable traits:
1) Need for achievement
2) Competitiveness
3) Optimism

A person either has DRIVE or they don’t, and only 20% of Salespeople do.