High Performance Recruiting

What We Do Best

Med-Search Recruiting is the premier Executive Healthcare Search firm in the U.S. offering a unique 10-step screening/interviewing process that includes on-site interviews in all 50 states. We base our screening on character, attitude, ethics, professionalism, stability and proper fit for the Company.

10 Step Process

  1. Pre-Search Client Evaluation: Needs Analysis & Assessment
  2. Account Profiling: Competition, Geographic Market Trends
  3. Sourcing: Targeting Competitors & like Companies
  4. Sales Rosters Review, Referrals, Networking & Database Search
  5. Phone Interview #1
  6. Phone Interview #2
  7. Phone Interview #3
  8. On-site Interviews: Compatibility Match
  9. Background Checks & Skills Testing
  10. Orientation & Candidate Presentation

Time is of the Essence:

How valuable is your time? Have you ever calculated what it costs to go through stacks of resumes or unqualified Internet resume databases, only to find that the majority do not have the skill sets required to do the job? The “Best of the Best” simply are not actively looking for new positions. They are happily and productively employed and making a contribution to their current employer. Med-Search can provide you access to approximately 75% of individuals who are happy with their current jobs, but who are open to opportunities you can provide them, when presented in the right manner. It’s within this group that we uncover top quality talent who can make a real contribution to your company’s growth, productivity and bottom-line. The key to locating Top Talent is “specialization”. Our emphasis on specialization allows us to stay focused on your needs and to be sensitive to even the most subtle changes which could cost you time and money!

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Types of Searches:

Med-Search offers our clients the option of choosing RetainedExclusive or Contingency searches depending upon our client’s needs. Our group of recruiters is committed to the belief that each industry has its own set of demands and expectations.

• Sales Reps • Territory Managers • Sales Managers • National Account Managers • VP-Sales & VP-Marketing • Marketing Managers • Product Managers • C-Level Executives • Clinical Consultants