1st Impressions Matter in the Medical & Healthcare Sales Industry


Many of us can agree, first impressions are very important. The first impression made can be a crucial factor to your success as an individual, medical sales professional, website or brand.. First impressions are typically made within 50 milliseconds to 7 seconds.

A study conducted by the Princeton University concluded that particular personality traits, including trustworthiness, authenticity, competence, and likability, could all be determined in just 100 milliseconds – equating up to three to four times faster than the human eye blinks!

According to an article published in Behavior and Information Technology, your website has 50 milliseconds to make a first good impression. It will take less than half the time for someone to judge your website. In fact, it has been determined by multiple studies that a website will be judged in 50 milliseconds or less. That’s right, 50 milliseconds or less.

Be sure you make a good impression!